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Overall Description:
A simple flight simulator with basic physics. Written in C# using the XNA game library.

The following features are planned:
  • more airports (defined using text files)
  • navigational aids (VORs, NDBs, ILS)
  • more airplanes
  • animations (propellers, control surfaces, etc.)
  • AI (when I'm done with airports)
  • terrain!
  • weather (day/night, clouds, fog [maybe])
  • configuration file for key bindings

Already implemented are:
  • the flight model
  • a human-readable settings/properties system
  • a couple airplanes/helicopters
  • a single airport
  • walking around outside of aircrafts; entering/exiting aircrafts

Systems still in progress include:
  • flight model (maybe) for both airplanes and helicopters
  • helicopter autopilot
  • sound (need to figure out how to change frequencies of sound files for Doppler Effect/propeller sounds)

Also: coming soon to a website near you! Flight version 0.2 is just around the corner. I just need to add some clouds and a couple more airports, package it up, and release it!

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